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Model Rocket Balsa Connectors/ Couplers
These Balsa Connectors/ Couplers are precision made with select balsa wood. We make these for a tight fit on Rocket Body Tubes to allow for different humidity and temperature conditions. If the fit is too tight for your location or time of the year, sandpaper for sanding the piece may be required to allow a better fit. Too loose and some tape would be needed.
Watch for more adapters and blocks to be added.
Each and every unit is custom made on our own CNC equipment
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Model Rocket BT60 1 1/2" Balsa Block/ Connector
Model Rocket BT56 1 1/2" Balsa Block/ Connector
Model Rocket BT55 1 1/2" Balsa Block/ Connector
2 Pack Model Rocket Couplers for BT702 Pack Model Rocket Couplers for BT70
2 Pack BT-80 Model Rocket Connectors2 Pack BT-80 Model Rocket Connectors
6 Pack BT20 Model Rocket Couplers6 Pack BT20 Model Rocket Couplers
5 Pack BT50 Modell Rocket Couplers5 Pack BT50 Modell Rocket Couplers
5 Pack BT55 Model Rocket Couplers5 Pack BT55 Model Rocket Couplers
Model Rocket BT70 3" Balsa Block/ Connector
4 Pack BT60 Model Rocket Couplers4 Pack BT60 Model Rocket Couplers
5 Pack BT56 Model Rocket Couplers5 Pack BT56 Model Rocket Couplers
15 Asst'd Model Rocket Couplers BT20,50,55,56,6015 Asst'd Model Rocket Couplers BT20,50,55,56,60
19 Pack Assorted Model Rocket Couplers19 Pack Assorted Model Rocket Couplers

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