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7.5mm Orion Ultrascopic Eyepiece
7.5mm Orion Ultrascopic Eyepiece
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* This premium 7.5mm eyepiece is parfocal so you need only minimal refocusing when switching powers
* Fully multi-coated to ensure maximum light transmission
* Superior coating dramatically improves both brightness and contrast, increasing visibility
* Includes a detachable winged rubber eyeguard to block out stray light and help position your eye
* One-year limited warranty

This premium 1.25" diameter eyepiece — invented in Japan by one of its most respected optical designers — features lens elements manufactured to exact tolerances and to a higher degree of polish than competitive models. It is a state-of-the-art 5-element design using modern high-refractive-index glasses, resulting in flat-field images superior to those of simpler 4-element Plossl and orthoscopic designs. The wide 52° apparent field of view is a pleasure to behold.

Superior Coatings
While some manufacturers' "fully multi-coated" eyepieces have a single layer of magnesium fluoride on most lens surfaces and multi-coatings only on the outer exposed surfaces, this is not the case with this eyepiece. This Orion Ultrascopic eyepiece doesn't skimp on coatings. It is Ultra Multi-Coated, which means that every air-to-glass lens surface is vacuum coated with multiple antireflective layers. Ultra Multi-Coating is the highest level of multi-coating there is.

Enhanced Images
The superior coatings dramatically improve both brightness and contrast, increasing the visibility of faint nebulas, planetary details — anything you view with your telescope. A low-reflection barrel design with blackened lens edges provides a significant increase in contrast and a reduction of stray reflections.

Each Ultrascopic eyepiece is parfocal, so you need only minimal refocusing when switching powers (except for the 35mm, optimized for the widest field possible in a 1.25" barrel). Standard filter threading. If you have a quality telescope and want to see what it can really do, upgrade to this Ultrascopic eyepiece today!

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