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Motor Drive for AstroMastersMotor Drive for AstroMasters
FireCel - WhiteFireCel - White
Celestron Products

Celestron Produicts

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Celestron 600 Power Microscope With Digital CameraCelestron 600 Power Microscope With Digital Camera
SkyScout ConnectSkyScout Connect
C50 Mini Mak - WaterProofC50 Mini Mak - WaterProof
C70 Mini MakC70 Mini Mak
SkyMaster 20-100x70 ZoomSkyMaster 20-100x70 Zoom
Illuminated Right Angle Correct Image FinderscopeIlluminated Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope
C65 Mini Mak - Water Proof w/ CaseC65 Mini Mak - Water Proof w/ Case
PowerSeeker 70 EQPowerSeeker 70 EQ
SkyMaster 25-125x80 ZoomSkyMaster 25-125x80 Zoom
SkyMaster 8x56SkyMaster 8x56
LCD Digital Microscope (LDM)LCD Digital Microscope (LDM)
SkyMaster 9x63SkyMaster 9x63
AstroMaster 90EQ-MD (Motor Drive)AstroMaster 90EQ-MD (Motor Drive)
SkyScout Scope 90SkyScout Scope 90
NexStar 60 SLTNexStar 60 SLT
NexStar 80 SLTNexStar 80 SLT
Ultima 100 StraightUltima 100 Straight
Ultima 65 ED - 45Ultima 65 ED - 45
VistaPix IS70VistaPix IS70
NexStar 114 SLTNexStar 114 SLT
NexStar 102 SLTNexStar 102 SLT
NexStar 130 SLTNexStar 130 SLT
Onyx 80EDFOnyx 80EDF

For all international order please email for S&H fees - Celestron Products can only be shipped within the USA
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All Celestron products are designed and intended for those 14 years of age and older. 

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