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August 2007 ~ Yuri loved to play store and office. He had his is own computer, cash register and credit card machine. The customers were Mama, Papa, Nana, and Bother.
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June 2007 ~ When Dmitri and Yuri visited Papa's office in Dover, they loved to pick blackberries. Yuri wanted to pick blackberries all year long.
Summer 2006 ~ We call this photo "Rock Star". Yuri loved to sing and dance. He would not perform much for us. But he would sing and dance a lot when he thought no one was watching or listning. As Yuri was taking his last shower, we could hear him singing "My God Is So Big". That was his favorite song.
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Yuri Allen McDaniel
Summer 2007 ~ Taking an afternoon nap after a morning of hard playing
Dmitri ~ Nana ~ Yuri
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January 2008 ~ P.T. Barnum Yuri, Dmitri, and Rex ~ P.T is Rex's best friend. Yuri enjoyed being with P.T. and was always excited to see him. Yuri prayed for P.T every night.


July 2007 ~ Yuri and Dmitri are helping Papa replace the stairs. Yuri loved to watch Bob the Builder and work with real tools, especially power tools.


October 20, 2007 ~ Yuri's 6th birthday.


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