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FARPOINT Opticstar DS-142C ICE  w/ Sony ICX205AK 1.4 MP Color CCD, TEC Cooling
FARPOINT Opticstar DS-142C ICE  w/ Sony ICX205AK 1.4 MP Color CCD, TEC Cooling
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The package contains the following:

* Opticstar DS-142C ICE 1.4 mega-pixel colour CCD camera.
* C/CS to 1.25" telescope adapter threaded for filters.
* C/CS to T thread adapter for T thread lens.
* 2.5 metres in-situ USB cable.
* High quality regulated PSU. 3A; AC:100-240V for Europe, USA etc; DC:3.3V.
* Aluminium storage and carry case.
* Software on CD:
o Nebulosity v1.8 software for camera control and image processing.
o DS-142C ICE Plug-in for Nebulosity v1.8.x.
o DS-142C ICE Plug-in for AstroArt v3/v4.
o DS-142C ICE Plug-in for MaxIm DL/CCD v4/v5.
* Set-up guide and user manual.

Sony ICX205AK 1.4 Megapixel 1/2" CCD
* Colour CCD: 1434 x 1050 pixels
* Pixel size 4.65µm x 4.65µm
* Quantum Efficiency (mono version): 42%
* Noise reduction electronics
* Gain functionality in hardware
* Preview mode @ 1434x1050: 2.5fps
* Raw 16-bit image transfer @ 1434x1050: 1 second approximately
* Colour Binning: 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
* Data output: 16-bit or 8-bit raw
* Exposure time: 20ms to over 1 hour
* Robust all metal case
* Sealed sensor and electronics
* Peltier cooled with fan assist,
up to 30°C below ambient
* USB 2.0 high-speed interface
* Focusing preview mode
* 2.5 meters in-situ USB cable
* High quality regulated PSU
* Full Nebulosity software included for camera control and image processing
* Bundled plug-ins: AstroArt & MaxIm DL
* Windows 32-bit 2000/XP/Vista/7
* 64-bit drivers available Q2 2010

M27 nebula by Roy Hollister. 10" f4.8 Newtonian DS-142C ICE, 15 x 2m subs. Hardware Gain:30% Guided with Opticstar AG-130M COOLAIR

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