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100cc Oxygen Absorber Packets 200 Packets
100cc Oxygen Absorber Packets 200 Packets
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Oxygen absorbers are small packets made of a material that allows oxygen and moisture to enter but does not allow it leak out.

Moisture in the packaged food causes the iron in the oxygen absorber to rust. As it oxidizes, the iron absorbs oxygen.
Oxygen absorbers remove oxygen more effectively than vacuum packaging.

Air is about 20 percent oxygen and 80 percent nitrogen. Absorbers remove only the oxygen. The air left in the container is mostly nitrogen and will not affect the food or allow the growth of insects.

Each package contains 200 of 100cc Oxygen Absorber Packets

Oxygen Absorbers add life and longevity to your food storage items. Properly canned items using oxygen absorbers benefit from significantly extended shelf life and freshness. Our Oxygen Absorbers completely eliminate residual oxygen in your sealed packages, keeping products fresh and preventing discoloration.

Used widely in the Food Service Industry to preserve foods like beef jerky, nuts, grains, flour, and just about any dried or wet foods.
r Our 200 pack of S100 High Efficiency Oxygen Absorbers is effective for about 100 #10 cans or 25 5 gallon buckets filled with beans, gains or flours.

Activated by air regardless of moisture levels
Start working fast (in about an hour)
Can be used with both moist and dry foods

Each bag of oxygen absorbers includes two hundred individual absorber packets.  These are type S100 High Efficiency Oxygen Absorbers. Use oxygen absorbers within 6 months of purchase as they will lose effectiveness after that time.  Oxygen absorbers will begin to work as soon as the plastic outer packaging is opened. 

Please plan ahead and either use all of the absorbers or seal the remaining packets in an airtight glass jar. This causes the packets to stop working until air is introduced again.

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