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Red & Green Diced Bell Peppers Dehydrated Dried Survival Food
Red & Green Diced Bell Peppers Dehydrated Dried Survival Food
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Vegetables are standard fare on the American table. Now you can add delicious peppers to your favorite soup, casseroles and baking recipes.

Our dehydrated diced red and green bell peppers are fresh and sweet. The peppers have been diced and dehydrated so they easily add zest and flavor to any recipe.

Ingredients: dehydrated red and green diced bell peppers.

Directions: Add mixed peppers to your favorite soups, omelets, salads and sauces. Simmer in water until tender.

Serving size: 1 Tbsp (5g) Servings Per Container: 113.

Our dehydrated peppers are preserved using a process called puff drying. Approximately 93% of the moisture is removed by this unique process. Puff drying preserves the potatoes nutritional qualities, color and fresh taste.

Freeze dried and dehydrated products are less expensive than wet pack food because you are not paying for water. The taste is great and the nutritional food value is excellent. Freeze drying and puff drying allows fruits and vegetables to be stored effectively for long periods of time.

Our fruits and vegetables are stable products with a long shelf life. The shelf life of our long term food storage is 15 years under ideal storage conditions. An ideal storage condition is a cool dry place. The cooler the temperature the product is stored at the longer the self life.

The #10 refers to the physical size of the can not to the weight of the can's contents. A #10 can is the most common size can for long term food storage.

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